QuánvườnGàchỉHữu Lai

Quan vuon Ga chi Huu Lai is the original when it comes to chicken restaurants of Quy Nhon. The restaurant first opened over 15 years ago when Mr. Huu Lai and his family bought the piece of land and settled down. Thanks to their connections, they were able to find chicken suppliers in neighboring province Phu Yen and have since specialized in chicken in all its forms. Inspired by their success, many other chicken restaurants have opened up along the highway, offering a bit of friendly competition.

Set in a relaxed courtyard just off the highway, you can find yourself seated by a stream which runs through the property and surrounded by plenty of trees. While waiting for your meal, take a walk around and enjoy the beautiful garden. It’s the perfect environment for a meal, whether you’re with family or friends.

One of the most popular styles of chicken here is grilled. This delicious BBQ chicken is well-marinated before being grilled over charcoal. The result is a nice, smoky flavor and very crispy skin. This is well coupled with chicken porridge which you can choose to have with your meal.

In addition to chicken, Ga chi Huu Lai restaurant is also famous for its dipping salts. Every dish is served with four different dips, consisting of green chilli salt, red chilli salt, lime leaf salt, and pepper salt.

If you’re unsure how much to order, note that when you order a chicken, it normally comes in a two-part meal. This is because all parts of the chicken will be used, including the entrails which are cooked in your choice of porridge or sticky rice.


Find them at QuốcLộ 1D, P. GhềnhRáng, Tp. Qui Nhơn
Opening hours: 8am – 9pm
Price: 300,000 vnd ($13 USD) per chicken

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