GàChỉĐông Ba

Only a few minutes down the road from Ga chi Huu Lai is Ga Chi Dong Ba, another popular restaurant famous for its chicken offering. This was the second chicken restaurant to open in the neighborhood before others started imitating. Hidden down a little lane off Highway 1D, be aware that their neighbors (Ga Chi Romantic) may try and convince you that they have closed.

Owner Trinh Quang Dong is friendly and welcoming. He runs the restaurant with his wife who worked in a chicken restaurant prior to opening their own. Together, they’re an efficient pair who handle everything from washing and plucking the chickens to serving their guests.

Set in a large courtyard with 24 raised pavilions, Ga Chi Dong Ba is particularly busy during summer months. Each pavilion is fitted with a couple of hammocks and a mat for you to enjoy a shared feast. There is a large cleared space near the entrance which often receives tour buses during peak season.

The signature dish is the fish sauce fried chicken. Here, the chicken is deep fried and coated in a sweet and spicy fish sauce glaze. The skin is deliciously crunchy and the kick of spice is paired nicely with the lime and pepper salt blend. If you prefer your chicken steamed, Ga Chi Dong Ba also makes a deliciously fragrant, steamed chicken that’s best enjoyed with their sauces and dipping salts.

Similar to Ga Chi Huu Lai, there’s a no-waste attitude and the entire chicken is served across different dishes as part of your meal. We highly recommend the crispy sticky rice which is cooked together with the remaining parts of the chicken to ensure the rice has a rich delicious flavor.

Find them at QL1D, KhuVực 2, P. GhềnhRáng, Tp. Qui Nhơn
Opening hours: 8am – 9:30pm
Price: 250,000 vnd ($10.75 USD) per chicken

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