Floating Restaurant Quy Nhon

Set in a small fishing village a short drive south of Quy Nhon is Quan an Bong Benh. Open since 1992, this floating seafood restaurant is particularly popular with the locals for their creative way of cooking and receptiveness to customer feedback.

Mrs. Sen, one of the two owners of the restaurant, was inspired to pursue her passion for cooking after winning runner-up in a local cooking competition in Phu Yen, and today this floating restaurant in Quy Nhon has become immensely popular!

She set up Quan an Bong Benh with great success and soon a number of other floating restaurants appeared on the estuary. To ensure you’re at the right place, look for the restaurant sitting in the middle of a row of three at the end of the bridge.

On arrival, you will be shown a series of tanks with a vast array of live seafood from lobsters, crabs, and prawns to all different kinds of shellfish. All items are sold by weight and their price and availability will depend on the catch. For a rough estimation of costs, you can expect it to be about 400,000 vnd/kg for crabs, 600,000 vnd/kg for prawns and a starting price of 400,000 vnd/kg for fish.

You can then select how you would like each to be cooked, be it grilled, fried, steamed or made into a soup. Some of the specialties here include crab hotpot, steamed lobsters and grilled lobsters with cheese. We also highly recommend stir-fried tamarind crabs, chilli grilled prawns, lemongrass clam soup and grilled shellfish served with crushed peanuts and spring onion. To add to the experience, food is served at a low table and guests are seated on mats.

If you are getting to Quan an Bong Benh by taxi, it is a good idea to arrange for your driver to wait for you as it may be tricky to find another taxi in the area.


Find them at ĐầmCùMông (Cu Mong Estuary), Xuân Bình, Sông Cầu, Phú Yên
Opening hours: 9am – 10pm
Price: Roughly 300,000 – 500,000 vnd ($13 – $21.50 USD) per person

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